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Plugin - Discounts & Group Deals for CS Cart 9948308 by OpenTheStore @ CodeCanyon


Don’t work hard, work smart! Our Discount Add-on for CS-Cart lets you work smart by allowing you to automatically put your product(s) on sale for a limited time (based on your settings). And that’s not all it can do. Once time runs out, the product(s) goes back to it’s normal listed price. Other than offering a lower price for the product, you can use the power of CS-Cart Bonus.


- Compatible with CS-Cart 4.x

- List one item or multiple items on Sale/Hot Hour/Deal

- Put as many items for Discount as you like

- You can pick the Starting Date, Time and Duration for your Discount

- Option to pick a Bonuses (Most powerful feature)

CS-Cart Bonus option lets you do anything you can imagine, such as.

- Product discount: Give a discount on this product by a percentage or a fixed amount.

- Order discount: Give a discount on the whole order by a percentage or a fixed amount.

- Discount on products: Give a discount on multiple products by a percentage or a fixed amount.

- Discount on all products in categories: Give a discount on all products that are in one or multiple categories by a percentage or a fixed amount.

- Give user group: Give discount to a user group.

- Give coupon: Give a coupon as a bonus.

- Free shipping: Offer free shipping as a bonus.

- Free products: Offer free product as a bonus.

- Gift certificate: Give gift certificate as a bonus.

- Give point: Give points as a bonus.

The best part about using Bonus is that you can mix multiple bonuses which gives you UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES!!!

Our backend is very simple, yet VERY POWERFUL!!!

Your sanctification is guaranteed! Please contact us for all your support or customization questions. If you like this add-on, please don’t forget to rate it *

Please note: This add on requires Cron Job! We have included instructions on how to setup a cron job. If you need assistance, please message us because we offer FREE INSTALLATION of this CS-Cart add on a fresh CS-Cart installation. We also offer customization of this add on for an extra fee.

Last Update: 18 January 15; Files Included: JavaScript JS, XML, CSS, PHP, XML, JavaScript JS, CSS, .gif, .pdf; Software Version: CS-Cart 4.1.x, CS-Cart 4.0.x.

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