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PHP Script - PHP Advanced String Class 546501 by Sourcegeek @ CodeCanyon

Script \ PHP Script \ Miscellaneous

This is a nice-ordered class (tools) that will help you to do A LOT of things more easy (validating, working with dates, detecting spam, and so.)

The documentation is very complete, there I explain how each function works and each one has a example perfectly Syntax-Highlighted. Plus, have some examples in /examples/ folder.

Here is what you can do with this class.

- Validate numeric values (strict and non-strict)

- Validate only-letters

- Check if a string contains X thing (word, phrase, letter.)

- Check if a string is utf-8

- Get Biggest or Smaller value in an array

- Check if a number is between other two

- Validate Email

- Validate Telephone

- Validate Zip Code

- Validate Hexadecimal

- Validate IPv4

- Validate FileSize

- Validate Card Number (credit/debit)

- Get company card by number (VISA, MasterCard,..)

- Validate name, date, regexp

- Get number of coincidences of a RegExp

- Get RegExp values in two different ordered ways

- Parse number (Example: 10000 will return 10,000)

- Get how many times a word appears in a string

- Convert to Upper/Down a string

- Replace an array of words in a string

- Parse UNIX date

- Clean SQL or HTML , allowing to declare exceptions to not be cleaned

- Get seconds of difference between two dates

- Add seconds to a date

- Extend a date (Get years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds) in a string or array

- Comes with a list of blocked words (for preventing spam). You can temporaly or permanently add more words

- You can replace blocked words with what you want

- You can count or get blocked words found in a string

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Last Update: N/A; High Resolution: No; Files Included: PHP; Software Version: PHP 5.x.

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Keywords: advanced, anti, array, check, clean, count, dates, expression, parse, regular, smart, spam, string, validate, validator.