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Flash Template - Hi-Res XML Image Gallery w Metadata Support AS3 62286 by Modulus @ Activeden

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An evolution in the utility of image galleries, the Hi-Res XML Image Gallery With Metadata Support is exactly as the title suggests – display your high resolution images in categorized and subcategorized galleries, and display the metadata contained within the images . This product can quickly search your JPGs and PNGs for information embedded within them and use that information in a meaningful way for users to see. All within a polished, professional display.

Do you know any photographers? Do you have a smart phone and like to snap shots on the go? Have a client who tracks file information in their images with a program like Photoshop, Lightroom, or Bridge? Chances are good there is valuable metadata inside those images. Why not put it to good use when showcasing those images? You control what is allowed to be shown through XML . Display things like camera details (make, model, aperature, f-stop, etc), copyright information, author details… even GPS data! Whether the metadata comes from a camera or is inserted manually using image editing software, our product can see it and put it to good use.

The Hi-Res Image Gallery With Metadata Support offers you this amazing capability inside of a professional, easy-to-use gallery. Check out these features included with your purchase.

- Multiple gallery support with categories and subcategories to classify your images.

- Supports infinite images and galleries.

- Have an optional “All” gallery at the start that showcases all of the images across all galleries.

- Create your galleries easily through XML .

- Specify a title and caption for images in the XML . Accepts basic HTML such as bold, italics, and hyperlinks.

- Incorporate an image’s metadata into its description! Control what to use through XML .

- Optional slideshow feature to play through your images. Slideshow pauses automatically if the user chooses to jump ahead or interact with an image’s information. Can start automatically or begin paused.

- Keyboard and mouse wheel support. (Keyboard – left/right arrows to navigate, spacebar and enter to pause/play slideshow)

- Play an MP3 in your gallery for mood music. Can start paused or playing. No music? No problem! We’ll hide the music controls automatically.

- Customize appearance in XML – control colors, sizes, and behaviors of all parts of the product. Change text styling through CSS .

- Thumbnails are created automatically. Thumbnails keep the original aspect ratio of the image and have the option to be displayed desaturated until moused over or selected.

- Thumbnails and gallery buttons automatically pan with the user’s mouse when there isn’t enough room to display them all.

- Images display at their true dimensions and pan with the user’s mouse when they don’t fit on the screen.

- Optionl “breakout” icon lets the user open your images in a new window by themselves.

- An image’s description is displayed in an auto-sizing panel that can be shown/hidden by clicking on its tab.

- A scrollbar will automatically appear in the description panel if there isn’t enough room to show everything.

- Friendly white ‘flash’ animation lets the user know they can interact with the breakout button and the description panel’s tab. The animations play every ten seconds, and stop playing when the user mouses over them.

- Do you have a title and description of an image in its metadata? Great! Leave out the title and caption for the image in the XML and the gallery will automatically use the metadata versions instead!

We encourage you to explore the preview to see it all in action. The details you see for each image are coming straight from the metadata embedded in them. And be sure to look at the last gallery to see how easy it is to show GPS data from smart phone photos!

For those familiar with metadata: we pull any and all EXIF and XMP metadata from JPG and PNG files, then let you specify what metadata items to display (if available) and in what order through the XML !

As mentioned in the feature list above, you can customize your galleries through the XML . Change the colors for anything! Change the height of the gallery buttons and thumbnails. Control spacing between thumbnails and the padding on gallery buttons. Decide if thumbnails are shown desaturated or not. Control the dimensions of the description panel by giving it a minimum width and relative height. Set the volume for any music you put in the gallery. Change the styling for all of the textual elements through a CSS file. It’s quick and easy to give your galleries a custom look and feel!

Extensive documentation is included with your purchase. We tell you how to set up your files (it’s as easy as copying them to your project!), then show you how to create and customize your galleries through XML . An FAQ is provided, as well as a troubleshooting guide and an introduction to using metadata if you’re unfamiliar with it but would like to give it a try. We even provide you with an HTML template for the SWF file, giving you everything you need to have your gallery online and running out of the box.

Put your images to work using the Hi-Res XML Image Gallery With Metadata Support. Thank you and enjoy!

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Opens With: Flash CS3 (9+), Flash CS4 (10+); ActionScript Version: AS3; Documentation: Well Documented; Published Size: 131kb.

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