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Flash Template - mySlideShowSitePro V2 9977 by encryptme @ Activeden

Flash Template \ Site Templates \ Creative \ Portfolio

Dec 1, 08 : File updated. Image scaling issue fixed

Aug 4, 08 : File updated. scaleImageToFit in xml now allows images to scale according to width or height. Have a look at the XML . Pls re-download file if necessary

May 25, 08 : File updated, Title & Description duplication bug fixed & image smoothing feature added. Pls re-download file if necessary

A simple, slick & professional looking XML based slide show site.

New Features on V2.

- Multiple categories. View the XML .

Have unlimited amount of categories and images easily managed on a dedicated XML file.

- Widescreen-active-accordion-content.

Load any SWF with interactive contents into this slideshow as one of the pages.
All linked together in XML . Preloader are included automatically,
so no preloaders needed for your external SWF files.

- Permalink & Grab image options on right click menu.

Link directly to an image or simply open just the image in another browser.
You can also directly right click the thumbnail to open the image in a new window!
Uses PHP to send GET data to flash via FlashVars.

- News Ticker . View the XML .
A simple and practical XML news ticker.

- Centralized setup XML . View the XML .

A single XML to modify the behavior of the gallery, accordion, news & general settings.

- Pin-up menu.
Pin the bottom menu to keep it showing all times.

- Cache killer.
No worries on viewera€?s side to clear their cache to see new updated content.

Basic features as seen on V1.

- Easy to navigate; just roll your mouse wheel to go to next or previous image!

- Images are Scaled to fit screen, no distortions!
(if its not set to scale, image will position itself in the center).

- One click to fullScreen mode!

- Add in as many images as you wish, the buttons will scroll automatically, resize the browser and see the difference!

- Set auto start/countdown duration, slide speed, choose to scale images or not all in XML itself!

- Main movie preloader & image preloaders are included too.

PLS NOTE : this slideshow only shows images as it is using bitmapData to re-capture the images, so if you try to load a swf it will only show the 1st frame.

AATW - added along the way

- Optional Modification: Auto category jump (July 18, 09)
1. on frame labeled “done”, locate tickTock function. Replace it with this.

tickTock = function () { += timerInc;
if (_root.secinc < totalRounds) {
} else {
var m11:MovieClip = root.myCP.t_hol.buttons["b" + root.curImage];
if (root.curImage < totalItems - 1) {
} else {
var t:Tween = new Tween(root.mainHol["c" + root.curCategory], "_alpha", root.mvEase, root.mainHol["c" + root.curCategory]._alpha, 40, root.mvSec, true);
if(root.curCategory > root.imgCategories.length-1){
root.curCategory = 0;
root.curImage = 0;
root.fromItem = root.imgCategories[root.curCategory][2];
root.totalItems = root.imgCategories[root.curCategory][3] - root.imgCategories[root.curCategory][2];
var t:Tween = new Tween(root.mainHol["c" + root.curCategory], "_alpha", root.mvEase, root.mainHol["c" + root.curCategory]._alpha, 100, root.mvSec, true);
var m1:MovieClip = root.myCP.t_hol.buttons["b" + root.curImage];
var myTween2:Tween = new Tween(, "_width", root.mvEase,, 1, root.mvSec, true);
myLoader.loadClip(imgArray[root.curImage + root.fromItem][1],imageHolder);
root.myCP.t_nowShowing.txt.text = "SHOWING: " + (root.curImage + 1) + " OF " + (root.totalItems);
//set fulllink
root.fullLink = root.s_permalink_root + "?category="+root.curCategory+"?="+root.curImage+"&autoplay=false";
root.linky.text = root.fullLink;

2. Locate releCat function on the same frame. Replace it with this.

function releCat() {
if(root.curCategory !={
var t:Tween = new Tween(root.mainHol["c" + root.curCategory], "_alpha", root.mvEase, root.mainHol["c" + root.curCategory]._alpha, 40, root.mvSec, true);
root.curCategory =;
root.curImage = 0;
root.fromItem = this.frm;
root.totalItems =;

- BugFix ( March 26, 08 )
Title & Description duplication across category.
select frame labeled ‘done’. Press F9 to open actionscript panel. Press CTRL +F to do a find & replace.

replace with.
imgArray[root.curImage + root.fromItem]

there should be 8 replacements in total.

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