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Flash Template - Flower Slot full game 13775 by relplus @ Activeden

Flash Template \ Games \ Casino \ Cards

Completely functional game. The Slot-machine on ” a flower theme ”.
You also receive original grapihcs and sounds in structure of this file.

Instructions on use.

Scene 1: Layer CODE: Frame 1

Here you can establish the initial rate and starting balance.
Here there is a description of some functions.

function “ican” – switches off the button of rotation and the button of changes of inserts when the drum rotates,
Also includes them back after a stop of movement of a drum.

functions “glstop” and “glplay” start and stop a drum.

In the main timeline are main clips.

“baraban” – a clip visually showing rotation, and generating results.

In the clips ” bar 1 ”, ” bar 2 ” and ” bar 3 ” (which to contain inside a clip “baraban”) is graphics with which you can replace on your own if wish.
also you can change the order of these symbols inside clips, and their combinations. Definition of a dropping out combination of each of these three

clips can be changed inside them, or in a code which is taking place directly on these clips (select this clip and press F9 to see it).

On a course of movement in timeline this clip, on achievement of a label “CHEK” there is a calculation of results of rotation and definition of a total

combination of all three columns of a drum.

In the main thing timeline, in dynamic text-fields “cash”, “bet” and “balans” results of game are displayed.

In the same place, clips “indfru”, “ind1” and “ind1” – display the current dropped out combination visually. Change them if you want to affect this


At last, the clip “buttons” operates start of a drum and a choice of the rate (1 or 2 credits).

For an insert of components of game in your project make the following.
First, remember, that all contents (except for movieclip “Person” which is only decorative) are necessary for transferring to other project (if you will

do such carry). Just copy/paste each of clips in a new stage also place in places convenient for you (their position on the screen does not influence

their work). You can transfer the dynamic text fields displaying the ” you win ”, “bet” and “balance” separately from a background under them (clip

“data_background”), and can together with it (it is not obligatory).

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Tiled fullscreen texture backgrouns SET C; Tiled fullscreen texture backgrouns SET A; GSNavi ( full-site fullscreen template ); abstract 3d hitech background 3; going vector car with background; sky clouds sun lights; 3d cubes.